Top Roof Rack for Jeep Manufacturers & Brands

As you can imagine, there are a ton of manufacturers out there that focus on building roof racks for Jeep products at their factories. But, just because there a ton of these manufacturers, doesn’t mean that they all provide a quality product. What you will find below, is a comprehensive list of the most popular as well as most dependable Jeep roof rack manufacturers out there.

Top Jeep Roof Rack Manufacturers - Top Roof Rack for Jeep Manufacturers & Brands

Although the list below is definitely not complete, we have made sure to include most of the major players in this space.

Manufacturer Year Founded Based Out Of
Yakima 1973 Oregon
Thule 1942 Sweden
Inno 1976 Japan
Whispbar 2006 Oregon
ProRack 1980 Australia/Oregon
Rhino-Rack 1992 Australia
RockyMounts 1993 Colorado
Saris 1989 Wisconsin
SportRack 1980 Canada


Yakima was founded in 1973, and it is situated close to Portland, Oregon. The first and largest US car roof rack for Jeep manufacturer is Yakima. Their recognizable round crossbars have been manufactured for more than 25 years. A full range of Jeep roof racks and associated accessories are available from Yakima. In 2016, they unveiled a fresh collection of base roof racks. Racks and associated accessories are available from Yakima in a full range. Additionally, Yakima contributes to a number of groups that assist in conservation efforts as well as outdoor recreation. - Top Roof Rack for Jeep Manufacturers & Brands - Yakima


Thule is the world’s oldest and largest Jeep roof rack manufacturer. It was established in 1942. With its headquarters in Malmo, Sweden, Thule employs over 3,000 people to produce and market luggage, cases, and Jeep roof racks. The majority of Thule goods marketed in the US are also produced here.


The man who created automotive headrests founded Inno in Japan in 1976, and sales to the US commenced in 2003. Currently the leading brand in the Japanese market for Jeep racks, Inno is known for its high-quality, cutting-edge roof rack that can fit a Jeep products.


We occasionally desire just some good looking stuff. In 1976, Whispbar was founded in New Zealand; it is today a Yakima brand. A premium range of high-end, aerodynamic roof racks for Jeeps and accessories is called Whispbar. As to the end of 2016, Yakima ceased production under the Whispbar brand. Some Whispbar products will carry on under the Yakima name with updated styling.


Yakima is the current owner of Prorack, which was founded in New Zealand in 1980. Prorack provides a selection of premium Jeep roof racks and rack accessories at affordable prices.


RockyMounts, a Colorado-based company founded in 1993 by an enthusiastic cyclist, first offered high-end bike mounts before expanding to offer a full line of roof racks for Jeeps and accessories. We like that no other company accomplishes what RockyMounts does, which is to offer their well-liked bike mounts in a variety of hues.

Rhino-Rack - Top Roof Rack for Jeep Manufacturers & Brands - RhinoRack

Rhino-Rack is an Australian company that manufactures “The World’s Most Useful Roof Racks”. Roof rack for Jeep products from Rhino-Rack are durable, adaptable, and always functional. The business is also steadfastly committed to preserving the environment, and it works hard to lessen its impact. Rhino-Rack is the thing to go if you enjoy overland trips because the company specializes in a broad variety of rooftop luggage baskets!


In 1989, a husband and wife team in Madison, Wisconsin, launched Saris after purchasing an earlier roof rack business there. One of the best trunk bike roof racks for Jeep available is made by Saris, a company that only sells items for cyclists. Over 50 nations sell Saris items, with the majority of them being assembled in the US.


In 1980, SportRack, a rack business, was founded in Canada. Thule acquired SportRack in 2006, and since then, they have greatly increased their selection of products. For those who are on a tight budget, SportRack is a fantastic entry-level tool.

The Next Generation of Jeep Roof Racks - Top Roof Rack for Jeep Manufacturers & Brands - Next Generation of Roof Racks

By actively collaborating with the auto industry to provide products that are compatible with the most recent Jeep models, most top brands continuously strive to stay one step ahead of the curve. Whatever roof rack you decide on, you can be confident that it will be the safest, sturdiest, and most fashionable one available.

With a Roof Rack, You Can Take Your Life on Tour

When you own a good roof rack on your Jeep, you’ll be prepared to embark on your next adventure with everything that you need. With holders for your bikes, skis, canoes or kayaks, and surfboards, a good roof rack is also a starting point for taking with you that extra-special piece of gear that allows you to pursue your hobbies when used in conjunction with other roof rack accessories. Not to mention roomy cargo baskets for cargo as well as extra-secure roof boxes.

Tested to the Limit – And Beyond

Safety should be your top focus, for both you and others around you. The best roof rack kits for your Jeep guarantee the most secure and safe fit for your roof rack as well as your vehicle. Additionally, most reputable roof rack products are only given the official seal of approval once proper tests on the product have been performed. For instance, the Swedish roof rack manufacturer Thule only gives its approval once a product has successfully endured a number of crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as high heat, cold, dampness, sunlight, and even harsh chemicals. All of these types of tests are done so that you may focus on the adventures that lie ahead.


As we mentioned earlier, there are a ton of Jeep roof rack manufacturers out there; and selecting the right one can be a challenge if you don’t do your homework correctly. Although the above list is definitely not a complete and comprehensive list of all roof rack manufacturers and brands that make roof racks for Jeeps, it is a good starting point when it comes to showcasing the cream of the crop products.

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