Do You Actually Need a Roof Rack for Your Jeep?

When it comes to hauling larger items, most Jeeps are not able to do it without an added accessory that is able to expand the cargo carrying capacity of the vehicle.

For instance, let’s say that you are trying to carry a big canoe, a kayak or a mattress on top of your Jeep.  Could it be done without a roof rack?  Well, yes it can. But, by not utilizing a proper roof rack system on the top of your Jeep, you risk damaging your ride. If a roof rack is not used, there is a good chance that you can dent the roof of your Jeep or scratch the paint off. Not to mention the fact that your stuff can fly off if not secured properly. And did someone mention safety? It is absolutely not safe to carry stuff on the top of your Jeep’s roof without a proper roof rack in place.

What a roof rack allows you to do is to properly anchor your items to the roof of your Jeep. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing a roof rack when transporting your favorite gear.

Benefits of Using a Roof Rack to Transport Stuff on Your Jeep - Do You Actually Need a Roof Rack for Your Jeep

1. Super Easy Installation

It may come as a surprise, but roof racks are actually quite easy to install on your Jeep. In fact, you can often times buy a roof rack that has been specifically manufactured for your exact Jeep model in mind. If you can follow instructions, chances are that you can install your own roof rack.

2. Expanded Storage Capacity

More cargo carrying capacity is always a plus when it comes to going on road trips and long drives. Let’s face it, camping adventures are not so fun if you are not able to bring all of the necessary gear with you. Luckily, expanding the storage capacity on your Jeep is as easy as adding a roof rack. Throw a couple of side rails, bars and towers on your Jeep, and whallaa.. more storage capacity.

3. Improved Safety

Going back to our original statement from the beginning of this page… “Hauling stuff on your Jeep without a roof rack is not safe”. The items can get dislodged, they can hang while you’re driving, they can fly off and hit a pedestrian, another vehicle or just flat out fall off onto the road itself and await for an innocent passerby to run over it and potentially get into an accident. Trust me, you don’t want this on your consciousness.

4. Improved Look

Are you one of those individuals that loves having great functionality while at the same time looking super stylish? Then look no further. Roof racks for you Jeep not only allow you to carry all sorts of different types of items, but they also make your ride look cool. If you wanted a low-cost upgrade on your Jeep’s look, a roof rack is just the ticket. Functionality paired together with styling is all that you need.

5. Comfortable Road-Trip/Drive

Another benefit of owning a great roof rack for your Jeep is the fact that you no longer have to cramp your style while enjoying those long road trips. Long gone are the days where you had to pack your Jeep up to the rooftop. Nowadays, you go way past the limitations of your Jeep’s rooftop. We go past the roof via a good roof rack.

6. Did Someone Say Rooftop Tents?

Oh yeah, there is nothing out there quite satisfying as over-landing. The term over-landing refers to camping in your tent on the rooftop of your Jeep. This is possible to do with a roof rack that is equipped to handle the extra added weight of adding a person or two on top of the roof for an over-nighter. If you really want to stand out, overlanding is the way to go. Not only does it look cool, but it will help keep you dry as well as potentially safer against unwanted predators like bears, mountain lions and wolves.

7. Bulky Cargo Capabilities

Let’s face it, Jeeps are not exactly huge on providing you with a ton of internal storage capacity. This is where roof racks come into the picture. If you are carrying large items that just cannot fit inside of a Jeep, a roof rack will allow you to securely transport these bulky items safely to your destination. Transportation of items like; surfboards, skis, snowboards, kayaks, canoes, large suitcases and mattresses is now a breeze.

Jeep Roof Rack Can Double as a Traveling Shed / Trailer - Jeep Roof Rack Can Double as a Traveling Shed - Trailer

Ultimately, you can think of your Jeep’s roof rack as a traveling storage shed of sort. What this roof rack allows you to do is to transport all types of gear that you would otherwise have trouble putting into your Jeep without a roof rack.

Another route to go with your Jeep is to get a small trailer to hook up to the back of the Jeep.  Now, this is of course only possible if your Jeep already has a hitch hook up at the bottom end of the back of the vehicle. Note: the addition of a hitch to a none-hitched vehicle is possible (however this would get a bit more involved in terms of the installation, etc.…).

As you can see, it is possible to accessorize your Jeep with some awesome new accessories to expand the storage capacities of the vehicle. Is it required? No, absolutely not.  But having a proper roof rack in place is typically the smarter and safer thing to do.

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